ICCSD’s purpose is to propose to the world: You are far, far greater than you can imagine when you encounter the Grace of God that is found most fully in Jesus Christ.


All cultural backgrounds are welcomed at ICCSD which has had folks (and food) from Japan, India, Singapore, China, Brazil, Indonesia, Taiwan, Canada, Germany, Thailand, Switzerland, Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam, France and all across America


Senior and Founding Pastor of ICCSD

André’s biggest joy and delight are in his wife, Ellen and sons, Andrew and Edsel, and the wonderful family at ICCSD.

Apart from founding ICCSD, André Ong is also the President of Pacific Theological Seminary and a Faculty Associate at Bethel Theological Seminary. He is also an Associate Lecturer and on the Board of Academic Advisers at the Academy for Christian Thought in New York. André travels as a speaker and lecturer at various conferences, academic settings and churches. His ministry experiences include being the Director of ISI (International Students Incorporated) in Singapore, ISI minister in the USA, Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries at The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in San Diego and a Prison Chaplain at The San Diego Juvenile Hall.


André’s educational experiences includes a Ph. D. in Religion focusing in philosophy, theology, ethics and culture at Claremont Graduate University. He is the author of John Paul II’s Philosophy of the Acting Person: A Personalistic Approach to Life, along with other journal and book articles. For publications, see: https://bethel.academia.edu/AndreOng



Senior and Founding Pastor of ICCSD

A Pluralistic World

We have become immediately aware of different beliefs, religions, philosophies and even different Christian traditions that we indwell.

Best of Inherited Christian Tradition

As enshrined in the Nicene Creed and as accepted by the three major branches of Christianity – Protestants, the Roman Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox Churches, we adhere to the following belief: in essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; and in all things, charity.

Where Grace Abounds

We believe in the distinctiveness of grace or the generosity of God as revealed in Jesus and the Bible which transforms all areas of our existence.  We have a theology of grace that seeks to discover and understand the already present common grace available to all creation and the special extravagant and abundant grace that God desires for us to receive after our conversion.