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ICCSD Devotions for Everyone


In 2020, we are offering two different types of Daily Devotionals that everyone at

ICCSD and our global community can be part of.

The first are daily devotionals that observe the different liturgical or different

spiritual seasons in the Christian life. The second daily devotions are intended for

those who want to understand the Bible better. Two types of daily devotions are

included so that participants can choose the particular kind that suits their spiritual

seasons, or to do both for maximal spiritual impact, or to alternate between them

for the sake of variety.

Participants can choose to join in even after the start date of the devotional

readings. You will see other readers reading the day’s devotional, see their

comments and be invited to write your own comments if you want to.

We will be adding new devotional readings along the way so check back here to

find the latest entries. There may be gaps in the first type of devotional readings

(the different spiritual seasons) as they are shorter and differ in length. During the

gaps, be encouraged to read the second type – the daily devotions designed to help

you understand the Bible. In short, there will always be daily devotions available to

strengthen you every day, as you join ICCSD’s global family in growing together.

I. Daily Devotions that Observes the Different Spiritual Seasons in the

Christian Life


How to set Godly Goals (January 1-7)


Trusting God (January 8-21)

Better Together (January 22 – February 14)

Finding Peace (February 15- 24)

Lent Devotions (Starting February 26 – April 5)


II. Daily Devotions to Understand the Bible

The Bible Project: Understanding the Bible (Starting January 1 st , 2020)