Stormy Skies

In 2021, we are offering Daily Devotionals that everyone at

ICCSD and our global community can be part of! Rather than making new resolutions right away (don’t worry, there is plenty of time), why not find out what is God’s will and calling for you this year? Every child of God has a calling for His Kingdom beyond our daily routines. Resolutions, plans, and lives aligned with God’s will and calling has God’s blessings and powerful backing.

Participants can choose to join in even after the start date of the devotional

readings. You will see other readers reading the day’s devotional, see their

comments and be invited to write your own comments if you want to.

We will be adding new devotional readings along the way so check back here to

find the latest entries.

White Feather

1 Thessalonians

April 27-May 3
Aerial View of Barren Land

2 Thessalonians

May 4-8

Hannah's Annointing

May 9-13
Architectural Structure

Feast of Weeks

May 14-16

Fruit of the Spirit

 "Dive into each aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit & learn how to live our lives led by Him."


Armor of God

Life is a battle. Our circumstances and our choices often seem to conspire against us. In time, it can even feel like war. The Bible calls it Spiritual Warfare. The enemy is Satan. So, how do you fight such a foe? Tony Evans invites you to this spiritual boot camp, where he’ll teach you how to “put on” the whole armor of God.



The book of Ecclesiastes is not an easy part of the Bible – largely because it plumbs depths to our souls and experience that are not easy either. Strap in for an unflinching, possibly uncomfortable, but ultimately hopeful encounter with a very ancient and also very contemporary anguish about what it’s like to be human in God’s marvellous, broken world.


Turning Wounds into Scars

There is a big difference between a wound and a scar. A scar is formed when a wound is healed. A scar says, ‘I’ve been healed, and this is my story’. Read in this 6-day devotional how you can turn your emotional wounds into scars that have healed